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7 Most Commonly Used Building Materials You Should Know About

All of us want a house that is strong, durable and resilient to different factors that may cause damage and deterioration. Because of this, we see to it that in building our house, we use only the best materials that we can afford. This includes all the resources and constituents to be used.

There are varieties of suitable materials that we can use to construct buildings and houses. These materials possess distinct physical and chemical properties that make it adequate to consider its use.

Another point to think through is its reasonableness. Being economical and practical will help us decide what materials to use. We also need to note the availability and environmental impact in choosing materials for building construction and expansion.

Some of the materials that we may consider in constructing a building are listed below. This post discusses the suitability of the following materials in constructing buildings and houses.



Wood is environmentally friendly and is widely available that is why it is good for building houses. It is most commonly used for building walls and floors. It is also used for ceilings and divisions.

In choosing what kind of wood you are going to use, you have to check its availability and properties in terms of sturdiness, strength or brittleness, and hardness. Some woods that are good to use for building houses are mahogany, teak, fir, deodar, and walnut tree wood.



The use of metal in building construction is to serve as structural frameworks, especially for larger buildings. Metal is used because of its strength and flexibility. Some of the metals used for construction are steel, brass, titanium, and chrome.



Cement is an important construction material as it is used to bind woods and bricks or other components. It is widely used due to its ease of use and practical costing. However, cement has to mix with other materials to work.



The property of glass such as brittleness is one reason why its use in construction is limited. Glasses are used in construction for different purposes. They use glass for windows, walls and even in partitions in commercial buildings.

Bricks and Blocks


Clay is the primary constituent of bricks and blocks. This material is widely used since it is more fire resistant than any other materials like wood.



Plastics can be molded and formed into objects, films, and fibers so as to be used as a material for building construction. Plastics are used for roofs and partitions. It can also act as fillers due to its malleability and flexibility.



Marble is a type of stone which is formed mainly from limestone. Marbles are usually used as flooring or countertops. It is strong and durable that it can last a long time. It is practical to use marble because of its abundance and economical properties.

These are the most common building materials used when constructing both residential homes and commercial buildings.

If you are considering expanding or renovating your home, we advise you to hire a team of professional contractors who will be able to draw up proper plans for your project. They will also be able to advise which materials are best suited for your project.