The Future of Moscone Center
The Official Website of the Moscone Expansion & Improvements
Will the Moscone Expansion close during construction?
Moscone North and South will be closed April-Auguest 2017. Moscone West will remain open and is fully booked.
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Does the project include any street level improvements?
Yes, there will be spaces for street level activation. These spaces would allow for cultural institutions, café, and retail. However, actual programming of the spaces has not been decided upon yet.
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How can I communicate with the project team?
You can click on our website's "contact us" page to send us an email.
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Will this project be LEED certified?
This project must be LEED Gold Certified at a minimum by municipal code and we plan on pursuing the highest LEED standard possible.
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How many permanent jobs will this project create?

This project will provide over 3,400 permanent, new jobs, many of which will be available for line service workers in the hospitality industry. In addition, this project will create an estimated 3,407 construction jobs through 2018.

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Why is this project being treated independently from the Central Corridor Plan when it is a major part of the Central Corridor?

The Moscone Expansion project is on a separate track because the process exists in much shorter timeframe. The Central Corridor Plan is a long range plan looking forward towards the next 30 years. The Moscone Expansion project is designed to keep the center competitive, and to capture conventions that might otherwise go into other cities within the next six to seven years.

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Is the timeline for this project sensitive?
Yes. Given that there are conventions scheduled multiple years into the future at the Moscone Center, setbacks in the timeline of this project will have a signficant impact on when this project is completed. In order to allow for continuous operation, we need to schedule construction periods around currently reserved convention dates.
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What is the projected timeline for this project?
Currently, we are in the overlap period for Phase 2 and 3. Phase 2 is scheduled to finish in September 2017 and Phase 3 is scheduled to finish in December 2018.
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Are any additional expansions being planned?
Not at this time.
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Do you have any plans east of Third Street? Is there a second Phase of this project involving the Moscone Parking Garage?
No, there are no plans for the Moscone Parking Garage or for an expansion east of Third Street.
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Will any businesses be displaced in the process of constructing this project?
Yes. The Carousel Cafe at the Children's Creativity Museum will be temporarily displaced during some portions of construction.
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Is the Metreon/City View involved in this project at all?
Representatives from the Metreon are important stakeholders in the area and are being kept informed on the progress of the project.
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Will there be opportunities for LBE and MBE businesses?
Yes. Again, at minimum we will meet all city requirements and we hope to exceed them.
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What are the anticipated construction impacts?
There will be some impacts to traffic during construction, although construction will be completed per city regulations and we will be coordinating with other projects to mitigate any potential impacts in the best way possible. Impacts will be limited. Construction will take place on the existing footprint, and much of the work will be underground.
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Will there be public art?
Yes, per San Francisco administrative code, two percent of construction dollars will be allocated to public art.
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Will there be local hire participation?
Yes. There will be a minimum requirement after the first trade package and this will determine the exact percentage of local hire requirements. At minimum we will meet all city requirements and hope to exceed them. 
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What are the shadow impacts?
The environmental review will study all possible impacts, including shadows. We expect very little – if any – shadow impacts because of new construction, but this will be examined more thoroughly during the environmental review.
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Will the existing cultural facilities and open space be impacted in any meaningful way?
There may be some minimal shadow impacts in portions of open space.
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Who is paying for this project? Is the city paying for any this?
This project is a partnership in which two thirds of the costs will be covered by an assessment on hotel rooms, the remaining third is being paid through the City’s general fund. A significant portion of the general fund is derived from hotel tax and convention revenue. According to the  San Francisco Travel Association’s 2011 Visitor Industry Economic Impact Estimates, the tourism industry attracted 16.35 million visitors to San Francisco in 2011 that spent $8.46 billion, generating $526 million dollars in tax revenues for the City and County and supporting 71,403 local jobs.
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What outreach has been done thus far?
We have already met with some local stakeholders in the community and are continuing to schedule and plan meetings. A Strategic Advisory Group has been formed that will hold its first meeting in March.
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Is this project related to the Central Corridor Plan?
Even though we are conducting the Traffic Impact Study for both the Central Corridor Plan and for the Moscone Center, our project is on a separate path for planning approvals.
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Why aren't the hotels funding 100% of the project when they see the majority of the benefits?
The Moscone Center is a City asset and the benefits of this project are widespread throughout the City. Restaurants, retail, entertainment, and city assets all benefit. The Hotel community will receive a special benefit of increased hotel occupancy, rates and overall hotel property value.
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Does the Moscone Center need to expand?
The Moscone Center can continue to operate at its current capacity. However, space constraints at Moscone result in a projected direct spend loss of nearly $2.1 billion from 2010 to 2019 as conventions look for larger and more contiguous exhibition space. These losses will only grow as time passes if we do not invest money to expand the current facility.
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What institutions that are guiding this effort?

The roles are as follows:

Architects:  Skidmore, Owning & Merrill, LLP  and Mark Cavagnero Associates 

Contractors: Webcor Builders

Project management: Department of Public Works

Building owner: The Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure

Oversight: Tourism Improvement District Management Corporation Board of Directors

Additional: Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development

Building Owners: City and County of San Francisco

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What is the primary goal of this project? What are the benefits?
While the Moscone Center is one of the most successful convention centers in the country, it is operating at capacity. In order to maintain our current client base – and to maintain competitiveness for new conventions in the future – we need to expand and we need to build contiguous exhibition space. This project will improve and activate the street level experience around the Moscone Center, allowing for a more inviting neighborhood presence. Additionally, this project will create over 3,400 new jobs and a number of tertiary jobs over the course of the construction period.
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