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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Renovations at Your Home

One of the purposes of having a house is to make us feel comfortable whenever we want to take some time to relax. If it is not achieved anymore, then you might need renovations and some house expansion. Here are some of the reasons why you call for renovation or expansion. Foundation failure It is […]


7 Most Commonly Used Building Materials You Should Know About


6 Tips for Awe-Inspiring Landscape Design in 2019


8 Fundamental Benefits of Professional Landscape Design


5 Major Requirements for Construction of Buildings and Houses

Commercial Buildings Residential Houses

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Renovations at Your Home

One of the purposes of having a house is to make us feel comfortable whenever we want to take some time to relax. If it is not achieved anymore, then you might need renovations and some house expansion. Here are some of the reasons why you call for renovation or expansion. Foundation failure It is […]

water faucet filter

New Construction and Water Filtration Systems


7 Most Commonly Used Building Materials You Should Know About


8 Fundamental Benefits of Professional Landscape Design


5 Major Requirements for Construction of Buildings and Houses

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Commercial Buildings Residential Houses

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Renovations at Your Home

One of the purposes of having a house is to make us feel comfortable whenever we want to take some time to relax. If it is not achieved anymore, then you might need renovations and some house expansion.

Here are some of the reasons why you call for renovation or expansion.

Foundation failure

It is a very important point to consider the foundation of any building before you can actually start the construction. It is essential that you build a strong foundation so that the house can withstand natural and sudden environmental changes and disturbances.

Breaking or cracking of walls

Due to climate change and weather changes, the walls of a house may have cracks and breaks. This may happen through time. It is good to always check your walls regularly. If ever you find out that breakings exist, have them fixed right away. Constant checking and repair will prevent further defacement and deterioration.

Loose floorings

Loose flooring may be caused by moisture from underneath. It could also be due to some movement underground that disturbed the bases. When this happens to your house, you better call for renovation to avoid greater damage to your home.

Detached roofs

Calamities and weather disturbances can be one of the causes of why roofs detach. In case your house gets affected by destructive occurrences and your roof tiles were removed, call for renovation right away. Roofing is important since it is the part that covers your entire house.

Bigger population

Houses are built for the family. As the family gets bigger in time, you will definitely need house expansion. House expansion means a need for a bigger space to put up with the increasing number of its occupants.

Remember to consider your budget when you are planning a house renovation or house expansion project. Nowadays, it is quite costly to demolish and reconstruct some parts of the house. The amount of money you will need depends on the damage to your house so it is better to be prepared.

After all, you are not really spending on material things but the comfort and the fulfilment that your dream home gives you and your family.

10 Facts About Renovation You Never Knew Before

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water faucet filter
Residential Houses

New Construction and Water Filtration Systems

Drinking water is very important for your health. However, it’s not just any water that is beneficial for your body. You need to ensure that the water you’re taking is clean and safe for you. Installing a water filtration system in your home is a great way to purify your water and make it safe for your family.

The United States Centers for Disease Control recommends that you drink at least 8 glasses of pure water every day due to its wide range of health benefits. In this article, we have put together a few reasons why you need to start taking more purified water.

1. Purifying Your Water Reduces Plastic Waste

If you opt to buy the bottled water instead of drinking from the tap, the empty plastic bottles will fill up the landfills and lead to the pollution of the environment. We all know that plastic is non-biodegradable that that’s why many countries are banning the use of plastic paper bags and bottles. Also, the plastic used in water bottles is not good for your health and for the planet. They contain BPA, which can leak into the water and contaminate it. Buying a water treatment system for your home can help you clean your tap water and eliminate the problem.

2. Good for Appliances

We all know the effects of hard water especially on appliances like cooking pots and kettles. Water filtration systems will provide high-quality water which doesn’t contain the impurities. Softened water keeps appliances clean and efficient, which will save you money. Also, your appliances will be able to last longer and need less laundry detergent and dish soap to clean.

3. Clean water is important for your Health

Water and health go hand in hand, as the Centers for Disease Control has reported that drinking unsafe water is one of the top causes of outbreaks. Tap water is usually contaminated with inorganic and organic matter which can lead to several health complications. Several studies have linked high levels of lead in drinking water to ADD, developmental delays, learning disabilities and even cancer in children.

4. Protects Us From Disease-Causing Organisms

According to the EPA or Environmental Protection Agency, approximately 90 percent of the world’s water supply isn’t safe for drinking without treatment. Untreated water usually contains disease-causing microorganisms that can cause illnesses like cholera and typhoid. Clean water drinking systems are capable of eliminating and killing these microorganisms, thus making the water clean and safe for drinking.

Types of Water Filtration Systems
There are several types of water treatment systems that you can use for treating your water at home. Here are some of the most commonly used.

1. Reverse Osmosis.
You may probably have heard of reverse osmosis water treatment systems.

Reverse osmosis usually uses a semi-permeable membrane to filter all kinds of toxic substances and waterborne contaminants present in the water. This system is keen and very helpful in getting rid of the harmful contaminants in the water and even those heavy metals such as lead. Reverse osmosis system is very easy to clean and maintain because it’s made up of very few parts.

In short, reverse osmosis is preferred by many to other filtration systems because it removes most of the impurities, improves taste, needs little maintenance and saves a lot of money. Reverse osmosis system typically uses 4-5 filtration stages compared to other water filtration systems that use one or two stages. This makes it a perfect system of purifying water. The system has been approved and passed the EPA standards, so you’re assured of its service quality.

2. Distillation

This method produces safe drinking water through a process whereby water is boiled, evaporated and its vapor condensed to become distilled drinking water. Similar to reverse osmosis, filtration process usually eliminates toxic substances, inorganic and organic chemicals, and heavy metals. It also kills all pathogens and bacteria that can make you sick.

Distillation is actually the most natural way of purifying water. It helps remove simple contaminants as well as harmful heavy metals in your water such as lead making it one of the best water purification systems in the market.

Distillers are also approved by the EPA so you can be assured of its safety. You can find water distillers in your local home improvement stores or online. Though it comes with an upfront cost, it will serve you well for a long time and save your money.

Carbon Black Filters

Carbon and activated carbon block filters are the most commonly used water filters today. This filter can stand alone or be one of the stages in UV filtration system and reverse osmosis too. It uses carbon block and granular activated carbon that acts as a magnet of water impurities found in water. It’s also called charcoal water filters.

There are several types of carbon water filters available online and in the markets. Actually, they have different uses depending on the type of impurities you want to remove from your drinking water such as fluoride. This system readily removes the chlorine odor and taste of tap water, making it taste better. Other carbon block filters are made to reduce or remove fine sediments of harmful substances like rust particles.

Depending on the type, these systems can also remove some hard metals that can harm you. Same as water distillers and reverse osmosis, carbon block filters have been approved by the EPA for purifying water.  A highly recommended resource to learn more is Homefixplanet’s whole house water filters recommendations for both homeowners and construction professionals alike.

Clean water is essential to your health and can easily be accessed with a good water filtration system at home. It’s the easiest, cheapest and quickest way to provide pure water for family. Treating your own water at home will not only help you purify your drinking water, but also will also help to prolong the lifespan of your appliances that use the water. While a water filtration system might come with an initial cost, its many long term benefits will help you save a lot of money and protect your family. Just ensure you buy a quality purification system that has been approved by EPA.

Commercial Buildings Residential Houses

7 Most Commonly Used Building Materials You Should Know About

All of us want a house that is strong, durable and resilient to different factors that may cause damage and deterioration. Because of this, we see to it that in building our house, we use only the best materials that we can afford. This includes all the resources and constituents to be used.

There are varieties of suitable materials that we can use to construct buildings and houses. These materials possess distinct physical and chemical properties that make it adequate to consider its use.

Another point to think through is its reasonableness. Being economical and practical will help us decide what materials to use. We also need to note the availability and environmental impact in choosing materials for building construction and expansion.

Some of the materials that we may consider in constructing a building are listed below. This post discusses the suitability of the following materials in constructing buildings and houses.



Wood is environmentally friendly and is widely available that is why it is good for building houses. It is most commonly used for building walls and floors. It is also used for ceilings and divisions.

In choosing what kind of wood you are going to use, you have to check its availability and properties in terms of sturdiness, strength or brittleness, and hardness. Some woods that are good to use for building houses are mahogany, teak, fir, deodar, and walnut tree wood.



The use of metal in building construction is to serve as structural frameworks, especially for larger buildings. Metal is used because of its strength and flexibility. Some of the metals used for construction are steel, brass, titanium, and chrome.



Cement is an important construction material as it is used to bind woods and bricks or other components. It is widely used due to its ease of use and practical costing. However, cement has to mix with other materials to work.



The property of glass such as brittleness is one reason why its use in construction is limited. Glasses are used in construction for different purposes. They use glass for windows, walls and even in partitions in commercial buildings.

Bricks and Blocks


Clay is the primary constituent of bricks and blocks. This material is widely used since it is more fire resistant than any other materials like wood.



Plastics can be molded and formed into objects, films, and fibers so as to be used as a material for building construction. Plastics are used for roofs and partitions. It can also act as fillers due to its malleability and flexibility.



Marble is a type of stone which is formed mainly from limestone. Marbles are usually used as flooring or countertops. It is strong and durable that it can last a long time. It is practical to use marble because of its abundance and economical properties.

These are the most common building materials used when constructing both residential homes and commercial buildings.

If you are considering expanding or renovating your home, we advise you to hire a team of professional contractors who will be able to draw up proper plans for your project. They will also be able to advise which materials are best suited for your project.

Commercial Buildings

6 Tips for Awe-Inspiring Landscape Design in 2019

Having a great landscape design for your outdoors is becoming more and more important. If you haven’t made that shift yet, and your yard is still not being used optimally, you are in luck.

We’ve come up with a list of our own professional tips to help you on your way of creating a fantastic outdoor space for you and your loved ones.


Get a Water Feature

Any outdoor area without a water feature can be seen as a bit bland or as if it is missing something. Adding a water feature in your landscape design will not only add value, but it will also create a space of tranquillity and balance.

Grow some Herbs

Not all of us are born with green fingers, but if you are keen on giving it a shot, you should consider adding a garden for the kitchen in your outdoor space. What could be better than using herbs from your own garden when entertaining guests?

Add a Fire Pit

Nothing says warmth and welcome more than a fire pit on a chilly winter’s evening. Adding a fire pit to your landscape design will create extra or new space for entertaining guests even during the colder months or evenings.

Create Intimate Spaces

The key to creating a successful landscape design is using the space you have available optimally. Create intimate spaces in your design that includes comfortable seating areas as well as entertainment areas where you would be able to cook.

Make it Homey

The latest trend in landscape design is bringing some aspects of interior design outside. This adds an extra touch of homeliness and immediately makes your outdoor living space more open and inviting to your guests.

Add a Touch of Green

Finally, the outdoor landscape design will be at a complete loss if you do not have some greenery and garden. It pulls the entire atmosphere and picture together, creating a fantastic outdoor area. You can plant some hedges to add some depth and dimension.

There are a lot of ways you can really create an amazing outdoor living space. But not all of us are able to do it ourselves, and in most cases, professional help is required. Whichever route you choose to go, we are sure you’ll enjoy your newly designed landscape more than ever.

Commercial Buildings Residential Houses

8 Fundamental Benefits of Professional Landscape Design

We all have had to face problems with outdoor spaces at home at one point or another. And sometimes you may find that you have a brilliant idea, but the help of a professional could get you so much further.

If you have ever considered hiring a professional landscape designer, this post is for you. Here we share some of the best benefits you can expect when you get a landscape designer to back up your newly renovated outdoor living space.

Increase Property Value

Needless to say, when you start renovating your yard and turning it into a wonderful outdoor living space, your property value will increase. This is especially great for those folks who are looking to sell their property after some renovation work.

Boosts Quality of Life

Imagine unwinding outdoors in your beautiful landscape area with a glass of wine and your favorite book. Or, having a great outdoors party for family and friends. Spending time outdoors is great for boosting your quality of life.

Get Closer to Nature

Instead of spending all your hours indoors, you’ll be more than happy to spend some time in your garden, or lounging on your patio. This is sure to bring you a couple of steps closer to nature and allow you to enjoy what it has to offer.

Adds Balance

Balance in life is everything. Having an outdoor landscape where the home is infused with natural elements is sure to add a sense of balance to your home and your lifestyle. By entangling natural elements with water features you’ll create a well-balanced outdoor space.

Enhances Outdoor Living

No longer will you and the family be confined to the house and the television set or electronic devices. Now you will be able to make the most of your outdoor living area by spending quality time with your loved ones in the yard.

Efficient Use of Space

Professional landscapers are experts at using space efficiently. If you have a space in your yard that’s been unutilized, you’ll now be able to use it efficiently. Whether a water feature is added, or a small herb garden for your kitchen, you won’t be wasting any space.

Decrease in Maintenance

When you have the ideal landscape design, you won’t have to worry too much about constant maintenance. Professional landscape designers will come up with a plan that is green, efficient and requires minimal time or hassle.

Promotes Green Living

And finally, you’ll be promoting green living. A fantastic landscape design caters for local wildlife such as birds and insects. In this way, you are giving back to mother nature and cultivating a green lifestyle.

As you can see, hiring a professional landscape designer can do wonders for your outdoor area. At Moscone Expansion, we provide expert tips on how to achieve a fantastic landscape design and how you can make the most of it.

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Commercial Buildings Residential Houses

5 Major Requirements for Construction of Buildings and Houses

Provisions for houses and buildings are based on some aspects that we need to consider. Whatever your project, big or small, these requirements are essential in order to successfully complete the construction project.

In this post, we take a closer look at some of the basic requirements of construction projects.



Location or the place to build your house or building is essential for consideration. Once you have decided where to construct your building, it will be easier for you to visualize it. You can then plan for its construction and design.

Location is an important factor that you need to settle before anything else.


When location is all set, it is now time for you to take a look at the materials that you would want to use in building your building. Materials are essential because they will determine the durability of your building. You have to opt for high-quality materials for a lasting result.


Dimensions pertain to the size of the building that you will be constructing. These are the actual measurements that you want for your building. It is necessary that you plan this well based on the contributing factors such as the purpose of the building, the occupants, and yes, of course, your resources.


Along with all the aforementioned aspects is the budget. Budget is necessary for the construction of the building you want. It is with the amount of money you are willing to spend that you can achieve the fullness of your goals and get the desired outcome.

Time Frame

The time frame has to be a major concern if you are planning to build. There is, of course, no guarantee that your project will be completed in this time frame, but it should be a good guideline. The greater the dimensions, the longer the time you need to complete the construction project.

Embarking on a construction project may seem simple and easy at first. Until you have to deal with the technicalities. Why not leave it to the professionals and get the job done in time, within budget, and meeting all your requirements.

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